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Hi everybody. Well, I recently placed my first order with and will confirm as others have that when ordering from them, you receive authentic Mercedes Benz parts, just as you would in a dealership. I have attached pictures to show my total order with exception of the idler arm repair kit (previously purchased) and the drag link which I purchased directly from Mercedes Benz of Orange Park here in Jacksonville as they sent me a $50.00 gift card.

I’ve got a couple questions though. First, what is the difference between the left and right tie rod assemblies? I know that when you look at parts, the difference may not always be apparent, so what is the difference in the two? Now, I may answer my first question with the next one but here goes.

In the pictures, the tie rod ends on both the assemblies and the drag link have numbers stamped into the bottom of them. The left assembly (126 330 0503) has a “4.0”. The right one (126 330 0603) has a “200” stamp. Lastly, the drag link (126 460 0805) has a “300” stamped into it. Can anyone tell me what these numbers mean? Does it have anything to do with the stiffness of the rubber sealed ball joint ends? The one stamped 4.0 seems a lot stiffer than the “200” and the “300”. I’d appreciate it.

I won’t be tackling this front end work until the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving, so I’ve got some time. Thanks everybody and I look forward to your replies.

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