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Your daytime running lights look so good I'd like to fit a set to my 2000 W220.
I'm sure I saw some very detailed pictures of how you fitted them but can't find them again after searching the subject for a long time.
You're probably tired of giving advice about them but I think they showed how you fitted them into (or replaced them into) the original plastic grille area in the bumper and also exactly where they are wired into the fuse box. I really would appreciate it if you could give me the link to them.
Also all the links to possible suppliers seem to be out of date and a link to a current one you know has the right gear would be a help.
Finally, love the radiator grille you have. I've never seen one on a W220 in Australia. Is it standard or did you fit it yourself?
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Ok Here Is The Running Light Link
And The Grill I Got On E-bay
My New Running Light Pictures - - Mercedes-Benz Discussion Forum

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