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Hi, Thought you might like to see our new tow and delivery vehicle.

We only recently got it and plan to use it to tow our race cars to events and move tires and wheels around for our parts business. First thing we did was throw some of our wheels on it.

They are 15x7 BRAID Winrace Acropolis rally wheels and are super-strong. We mounted some Yokohama A/T tires in 235/75-15 and are rather pleased with the result. We also mounted up a pair of PIAA driving lights as no self-respecting RALIVAN would be seen dead without some extra lighting.

and of course lots of stickers:

This is one of the cars it will be towing:

Of course we plan a few more modofications but nothing too radical. Just a bit of RALLY-BLING. Mud flaps are a must and we might add a couple more lights to the front. We ordered a Mercedes grill too as the Dodge one is falling off. We are also planning on replacing the dampers with Bilsteins or KONIs and maybe a K&N air filter as well as more stickers.

Although only a 2005 it already has 250,000 miles on it so we won't be flogging it very hard even though it runs great. Already suffering from Sprinter cancer but only surface stuff, mostly around the windshield and right in the middle of some of the body panels. Have to take care of that soon. It needs a windshield anyway so popping this one out and painting the surround will have to be coordinated.

I love driving this thing and am looking forward to many happy miles, some more mods and conversing with fellow Sprinter owners on this forum. BTW you can see bigger versions of the pictures here: Team Illuminata

If you have any suggestions or questions let me know. :)