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After running through a number of leases in the last fifteen years, I finally own my own car again. (Yay)

I'm surrounded by car boys (for years my living room was a storage area for all things automotive, we used engine blocks for end tables) and I love to drive. (good thing, because I spend at least three hours a day on the highway).

My new baby is a 2005 C240. Picked it up for 13.5K with 36K miles on it. Cream Puff, never crashed, super clean. I lucked out in a MAJOR way. I wish the engine was bigger but I'm still fairly young and I have time to move up. I was originally looking for an E but I couldn't pass up the deal on my C class.

As of right now I'm not looking to do any extreme modifications, just a few minor projects.

1. I NEED my iPod connection. I've purchased an adaptor (the kind that attaches where the CD changer currently is) but I haven't mustered up the balls to attempt the install myself yet.


2. I have a bad back and I really miss my heated seats. I can't bring myself to cover my seats in ugly stretchy black neoprene (or whatever) so I am looking for a solution to that problem. (Contemplating real shearling combined with one of those after market heating elements although I'm not sure how I'd manage it)

3. I need to hardwire my V1 (I think I'll probably do this myself).

4. I'm contemplating tweaking the stereo but given the amount of time and money it would take to put in a good system I think I'll probably just stick with the iPod adaptor for now. I'm not a sound snob. I'm just lazy and making CD after CD is a giant pain in the rear.

5. I also got used to having built in bluetooth for my phone and the Jabra that I bought isn't cutting it. Trying to figure out if there's a way to install the OEM Bluetooth setup in the car?

6. Tires and Wheels too at some point but iPod comes first... Yes, I'm a total girl.

That's my car and my plans. If anyone can help me out with recommendations for M-B electronics/stereo in SoFla it would be awesome. My boys are awesome under the hood, but they care more about speed than creature comforts.


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