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450 slc
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Hi all,

I am pleased to report that I should have my previously sought after 450 SLC in my driveway by next weekend. I am really excited now and can't wait. i did post some pictures on the gallery page - if anyone other than Greg in Oz is interested - comments and all help in future will be very much appreciated. Thank you Greg for all your help so far. I am going down to Vancouver today Sat. to check out a car hi-Fi store who will be commisioned soon to fit a totally new system sympathetically into the Benz. I have taken note of your comments re. the rear parcel shelf and its design and wondered just how much your speakers stick up with spacers being used. Do they look unsightly - I mean this is one elegant looking car and I wouldn't want to spoil this lady's looks now - would I ? I am still hoping to go with 6" x 9" in the rear if possible.
Will write again to confirm full ownership of this vehicle and continuance of participation at this forum.
Cheers for now - Gordon, Vancouver (Canada)
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