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1986 560SL with M120 V12 Engine, 1988 560SL Stock
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Aloha, I have a 350slc vin wdb10202310000207 and have a clutch that leaKS. kNOW WHERE ONE CAN FIND A PARTS DIAGRAM. Tom
First I have to ask. Is it a 107 because you in a 107 forum. Is it a 109 because you title said 109. Or is it a 102 because your Vin number indicates its a 102.

But whatever it is. If you do a search on "EPC" for Electronic Parts Catalog you will find instructions on how to go to the MB web sight and install the EPC where you can put in your correct VIN number and search for parts for your car.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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