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My fuel level please

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So my E430 has had this little issue from when I bought the car. If I have 5 gallons in the car, It will first show 5, then as I just keep it on, it will go to as low as 4.6 and as I move the car by rocking it from inside, it will go up again, and after a while it will again go to like 4.8 gals even when it has more than that in it. Yesterday, I got gas and it has 11.4 gals right now, it will sometimes go to as low as 10 gallons, the again it will go to about 10.6 and stay there for awhile. Then again I would start moving the car back and fourth and it would go to about 11-11.4 and again start going down and up, it seems like something is in the way of the fuel level sender and as it move the car, it will move inside and the sender will show me the right level. What is the problem with this??
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sounds like you need to replace the fuel level sender. i am attaching a picture of the fuel level sender location, i took the picture from raymond's diy on replacing shocks since it had good visual of the sender's location.
pretty easy to replace, you can get to it by removing the carpet lining from the trunk and get to the fuel tank. make sure you are almost all out of gas or pretty close to empty tank and also disconnect battery. there is 2 electrical plugs that you need to unplug first, than rotate the fuel lever sender counter-clockwise with channel channel lock pliers and pull the sender out of the tank. then install new sender exactly in same location of old sender. good luck.


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Replace the sending unit!
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