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my first mercedes and post

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on sunday i will be purchasing a 1979 450 sel. the interior is in really good shape, especially the carpets. under the mats you cant tell its not new. everything works including the sunroof. the exterior is pretty good as well. i only found one rust spot behind the licence plate in the back and one small dent on the rear bumper. the paint however will need to be resprayed. the engine looks pretty rough but it cranked right up and seemed to run fine. the owner who is a mechanic says it has no major problems and should be fine. it needs new tires and a paint job as i said before but i wont complain for $1000. seeing as this will be my first mercedes and classic car im sure im going to have a lot of questions and concerns. i ran across this forum and figured id sign up. im looking foward to getting this car back into good condition and learning(and spending) a lot along the way. as soon as i get some pics of the car ill put them up.
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just noticed i made a poll instead of a topic. doh!
Welcome aboard madforitus! Please feel free to post early and post often!
thanks guys looking forward to it. so heres my first question: any suggestions on a good color for my 450? it obviously was a silver color(sorry i dont know the real names) but i was thinking black. then again while browsing the forums ive seen plenty of good looking colors(that i dont know the names of) so what do you guy s think?
ok mistake number one its not a 450 its actually a 280se. any info on this model would be greatly appreciated.
i certainly dont hate the original color. its a nice sliver well at least it used to be.
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