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2002 E55
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Although modding isn't my thing, I've been debating back and forth about mods to my stock wheels. I think the stock wheels suit the car, and the cost/benefit for a whole new set of wheels didn't add up for me. Thought about powder coating gunmetal grey, but unsure if I wanted to undertake that cost and time out of vehicle. Also thought about black center caps for my black car, to set off the three pointed star on the wheel cap, but inertia has stopped both moves until now.
Somehow, I lost the three pointed star from my left front wheel cap yesterday. The funny thing was I had no idea until I went to wash it, since the brake dust around where the star was had left the impression on the wheel that the star was still there until I wiped it clean!
So, no telling where it is. Since I need a new cap anyway, sprugn for the black center caps -- should arive late this week (thanks to whomoever of you in this forum let me know they were out there -- originally was going to paint around the star!). I know, small potatoes. Still, it is a big step for me. I'll try and post pics in case anyone is interested when they are on.
Also, used Zaino's new polish for swirl marks and scratches this weekend. Helps a lot for those faint swirls, but doesn't do anything for scratches
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