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my first benz

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hi guys, I am new to this forum, reason I'm here is because I am in the market for a new car.
I was looking into the s500 or s55 Benz. (2000-2005ish)
but the thing is i never owned a benz. I dont know how reliable or expensive they are to maintain. I Know every car has its problems and require maintenance but how good are the S-class benz?
Another rumor I've heard was, the parts are stupidly expensive.

Id rather get a non-biases opinion and perspective from an actual benz owner.
can you guys help me out?

thanks in advance
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Welcome. Almost any Benz is a good choice. They are great cars. Reliable and solid.

Forums such as this are a good place to start but just be aware of one thing; the main reason people post on this forum or one like it is to get help for a maintenance problem. One can get a false sense of unreliability or difficulty to repair by reading the postings. When the car is running well and with no problems, people seldom post. I think if you find a similar forum for Fords or Chevys you would get the same impression.

Parts are readily available for even the oldest Benz and the cost is reasonable particularly if you shop the internet instead of going straight to the dealer. The older cars are also surprisingly easy to work on if you want to DIY.

We presently have a 2008 E320 deisel and a 1988 560SL. Although the E320 is a wonderful car, my personal preference is older models. I drive the 560SL daily and my favorite Benz sedan of all time is my old 1984 W123 300D.

Hope you decide to buy and join us.

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yea i see what you're saying,

if i do purchase this benz, it would be my daily driver for the year,
so how are they in the winter? traction control is good?

so overall they are solid cars? is there alot of electronical problems?

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Rocky is right. Go to the W220 forum and you'll find out what you need to know. In a nutshell, you'll be told to steer clear of the '00-'02/early '03 models because of problems with the Airmatic in particular, and the electronics. I have an '04--that year model gets the 7-speed transmission and the DVD-based nav system (rather than 12 CDs). General consensus is get '04 or later, stay away from the 12-cylinder models unless you've got a fat wallet and GOT to have the speed, and think whether you need 4-matic or not. The 4-matics are not problematic, but they get only the 5-speed, have lots of extra moving parts, and seem to be a little less economical than the 2WD versions. My '04 has been trouble-free in the 15k miles I've owned it and it is a wonderful vehicle. It's deceptively fast, drives smaller than it is, will surprise a rice-burner in the twisties, dead stone luxurious, and I'm averaging 22+ mpg in mixed driving (with a relatively light foot).
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