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My Benz: 04 S430
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First i have my right rear shock sitting 5/8" lower than the other one, I'm guessing I need a shock for that, Now this.

My car purrrs like a kitten when I first start her up. After I drive a while there is a very pronounced knock knock knock at low rpms. Then it either goes away when I rev to higher rpms or it's just happening so fast I can't hear it. Either way, this has me bugged crazy!! I just hit 61K on my 04 S430.

BTW. this is not the usual "octane" knock. I can sit in my garage in park, rev to 1k to 15K and hear this annoying knock knock knock as if revs up, on revs down. I can even hear when the engine is idling. WTF!!!!! I thought about oil, or something to do with the engine heating up, but I'm just not sure..

Again, it only happens when the motor is at operating temps otherwise I never hear anything....

How weird is that.. I'm not using it much for the next few weeks, but I'm taking it to the dealer soon. I hope I get a good diagnosis... Meanwhile this to me is just another big disappointment!!! World class Engine trouble?? I guess I won't jump the gun on this till i know for sure but the thoughts going throughs my head right now.......Hmmmm
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