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1998 SLK 2.3
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I was very pleased today when I installed a new Clarion CD/Receiver in the newly-aquired 230TE, and was able to hear the reassuring voices of the 'Today' presenters on Radio 4 for the very first time since buying the car. It was a breeze to fit, and everything worked fine straight off. And so I'd finished the installation, and popped the car back in the garage (remembering to turn the radio off first, so as not to damage the electrically extending/retracting aerial) before breakfast!

But my high spirits were short-lived. This evening, having been instructed to pop out on an off-licence run, I jumped in the car and without thinking twice, turned the radio on. Too late I realised my error - and in the wing mirror watched as the aerial extended up, and straight into the underside of the overhanging cupboards on the garage wall. Argh! The motor whirred - but the aerial was no longer going nowhere.

And that's how it stayed. Once I got out of the garage I found that upon turning the radio on or off, I get a motor whirr, but no more than one aerial segment or less slides back into the housing. The aerial isn't damaged - it wasn't bent and there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with it physically - but it won't retract, and it won't be forced back in.

Can anyone help..?
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