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My E320 is drinking Diesel like crazy :(

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Over the last little while my 2003 E320 has started to give me really poor fuel economy. Sometimes I get a smell of diesel in the car. I've had s good look under the bonet and have not been able to find any fuel leaks. Also there is never and marks on the floor after I park.

£25 will give me aound 110 miles when not booting it around!:mad:

Just wondering of anyone else hs experiened this. or what I should look out for.

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Injectors self adjust over time and recalibrate everytime you coast. Max deviation is 5mg/Stroke, more than that and you will get an engine code for excessive injector deviation.

Pull the codes, thats the easiest place to start.

A sensor such as coolant, MAF, Boost etc with incorrect data can really toss your fuel economy out the window.

Get a qualified diagnostic, start from there.
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