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My E320 is drinking Diesel like crazy :(

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Over the last little while my 2003 E320 has started to give me really poor fuel economy. Sometimes I get a smell of diesel in the car. I've had s good look under the bonet and have not been able to find any fuel leaks. Also there is never and marks on the floor after I park.

£25 will give me aound 110 miles when not booting it around!:mad:

Just wondering of anyone else hs experiened this. or what I should look out for.

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Could be a bad injector or sensor that sets the the richness of the each squirt from the
injectors. The pressures in a diesel injector system are off the charts compared to
petrol engines. So if something is out of whack in the fuel delivery system it can kill
the mileage.
Other things that kill them is a turbo issue or thermostat, but the thermostat should be
very obvious if it is not closing and keeping the engine hot enough to run at its best
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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