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My car puked in the deck...

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I just got the SSS fixed, then I come out to the parking deck and find my car sitting in a puddle of its' own vomit... tranny fluid. It was clean and did not smell bad, so that's good. I think it is leaking around then pan, nothing is wet above it.
Should I change the mod valve out while i'm changing the filter or is it a tough job?

Car Puked by jeremynthornton, on Flickr
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No, I haven't done anything to the tranny. The day before that happened, I changed the crank pos sensor... but I don't think I bumped anything that is related. I have a filter kit on way, so I'll just stick with that for now. Thanks
Are you thinking the lines clogged and maybe the oil in the tranny got hot and boiled over?

Is there an easy way to check the lines?
I see, the picture is a little misleading because the parking deck is not level. The front of the car was lower than back so everything that hit the ground ran forward.

I cleaned up the area and double checked, lines are dry, it only seems to be coming out of one little spot on the pan. Gasket kit comes in tomorrow, so I'll keep you updated.
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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