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My car puked in the deck...

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I just got the SSS fixed, then I come out to the parking deck and find my car sitting in a puddle of its' own vomit... tranny fluid. It was clean and did not smell bad, so that's good. I think it is leaking around then pan, nothing is wet above it.
Should I change the mod valve out while i'm changing the filter or is it a tough job?

Car Puked by jeremynthornton, on Flickr
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Oil cooler line failure?
Are you thinking the lines clogged and maybe the oil in the tranny got hot and boiled over?

Is there an easy way to check the lines?
No I'm thinking as you were working on the front and as it looks like it is dribbling from the front perhaps the oil cooler lines have "failed".

That's all - it is a simple case of looking and cleaning to find the source though - good luck
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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