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My car puked in the deck...

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I just got the SSS fixed, then I come out to the parking deck and find my car sitting in a puddle of its' own vomit... tranny fluid. It was clean and did not smell bad, so that's good. I think it is leaking around then pan, nothing is wet above it.
Should I change the mod valve out while i'm changing the filter or is it a tough job?

Car Puked by jeremynthornton, on Flickr
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I have the write up from Mercedes source on changing the modulator and it's not accessible without dropping the transmission slightly . I would drain , pull the pain , change the filter and gasket . Did you recently do this ?
If you clean up that area I would think you could see where the fluid is coming from . It's either your pan of cooler lines . Are your lines saturated in oil ? How bad is the leak ? Puddling each day ?
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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