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02 MCC SmarT Car
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pics from Import Expo; Dallas ,Texas
my 2002 BRABUS Tuned MCC Smart Car
Brabus Front Spoiler
Brabus Rear Valence
Brabus Exhaust System
Brabus Sport Suspension (Springs and Dampners)
Brabus Rear WIDE Fender
Brabus Mono Block 6 Wheels
Brabus Pedals, E-Brake and Shiftknob
Brabus Gas Cap, Intake duct cap
Added a Oil Drain Plug for easier oil changing.
ITC Drop in Pannel filter
Opera Design Chrome airvent rings and tach, clock rings
Michalak Design Billet AC Control Knobs
Michalak Design Billet Turnsignal and Wiper arm ends
upgraded turbo, ECU and Intercooler are on the way.

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