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My Benz Project

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Here is my 1938 170V Cabro A that I'm restoring. The car needed a lot of work and it's been three long years to find a replacement block and rebuild it along with brakes and lots of more minor details. See www.170vmercedes,

I would like other owners of the pre-war 170 Cabrio A to contact me. I'm helping to accumulate a world-wide registration of the model. We have information on about 90 cars of the 794 that were built.


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I read in your webnsite that you were unsure how your come came to be built in 1939 .but not registered until 1940.Simple really,Hitler had just invaded Poland and Romania was next on the list of Countries to be anexed and invaded.[:(]
I think you will find your car was most probably run by nazi 's as were a lot of those Cabriolets.
There was a guy selling one on Ebay,just before Christmas, that still had the Chech Nazi party papers with the car.
needs a lot of work??? that car looks perfect!
Ha Ha

Check my site for a terminally ill engine, doors that were sagging about a inch, a top that didn't fold along with a few dozen other minor problems. She sure took a great picture but don't look too close or drive very far. The car is living proof that its harder to redo substandard work than do it right in the first place.
Jim "Axman" is a real Mercedes expert who does amazing things with older mercs.He has also set up a website to chronicle his efforts on his latest project.
Personally I guess those are the joys of having an old car (or a land rover[:D]).

Beautiful ride you got there chuckl
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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