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check it out if you want one that really runs well and has no issues...

Lots of 1995 and 1996 AMG C36 out there with the 4-speed auto, but this one is the much rarer and much more desirable 1997 model with the 5-speed, driver-adaptive electronic box and improved engine as well as ergonomics. I had a 1996 C36, a great car, but this 1997 model is MUCH faster and the transmission is MUCH better.

Someone basically and literally gifted me a C43 with very low miles and I have no more room in my garage for my beloved C36, so it has to go to a good home. Today you cannot buy a $10K car that will deliver so much performance with so much economy, comfort and long-lasting value. This is simply a great deal, as it was for me when I purchased it.

The car has a clean Carfax history, a clear title, all books and manuals, two remote locking keys. The expensive factory mats are in excellent condition, wheels in exceptional condition, good high performance tires with lots of miles left on them (this car uses the tires as evenly as I have ever seen...), and no need for anything at this time. I purchased this fine car with 112K miles on it, and it has now 151K very happy miles. I really enjoy driving discreet fast cars and this is the ultimate sleeper, able to clear any traffic with consummate ease with very little throttle, while frankly handling better than my Porsche 911. Frankly I never had a car that "did it all" as good as this one. I drive many new cars, and one as good as this one costs about 6 times as much today. I have been a Mercedes-Benz owner for over 40 years and this is the best one so far, and I had quite a few of them.

I can answer any and all questions about this car on this number: Philip at 949-395-1965. Car is located in Costa Mesa, California, right behind the Orange County airport. I can help arrange for trucking/transport if requested.

I fixed everything on it so that it would drive perfectly, religiously changed the oil and filter on the engine every 5000 miles and replaced or repaired any and all the known questionable parts or known issues on such cars: fully rebuilt transmission with reinforced clutch plates (a well-known weakness of late C36 and all C43's), new starter, mass airflow sensor, lower control arms, ASR controls, and all new brake rotors and pads and a lot more. This car is now ready for a trouble-free long life. As on all C 36's, there is a tiny oil leak at the front right of the head, as there is a high-pressure oil passage that AMG should have plugged on the original E block and did not. It does not affect anything, and my other C36 ran over 200K miles with the same issue without ever faltering. It is an easy fix if one takes the head off, as a simple available aluminum plug resolves this known issue, but I would not do it before the car has twice the miles and is in wanting of a valve job, which it is not as it shows perfect performance on the computer at this time.
Now the car drives perfectly, is as tight as a new car and looks like it has 20K miles on it. The interior is near perfect, the engine compartment very clean, the trunk in top shape and it is a real sweetheart. I get about 19-20MPG in regular city /freeway driving, constantly. It has a factory 10 CD player in the trunk and the factory amp also in the trunk. Took kit is present. There is a light paint scrub on the right front bumper due to some schmuck that decided to park a bit close, and two small rock nicks on the left side of the hood, invisible on the pictures. It is otherwise pretty darn nice and the original paint is frankly in excellent condition. The A/C blows cold air, no one ever smoked in the car or had lunch it it, if you follow my meaning. This is a very nicely maintained car, before and after I had it. I have all the records of what was done to it since I purchased it.

Pictures and details at eBay Motors: Mercedes-Benz : C-Class (item 230337666692 end time Apr-23-09 15:10:16 PDT)
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