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My backup lights don't work please help

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I have a 98 clk320 and when I first bought it the reverse lights worked then after a while they would only work if i held the shift handle in the extreme right position in the reverse slot now it doesn't work at all can anyone help thanks the clk man
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Since I don't know much technical stuff about our cars I'll jump in and use the easiest response...

Change the bulbs? [:p]
2nd easiest...go to the dealer

Seriously, it could be the switch that activates the lights when placed into reverse OR
could be a bad fuse?
I checked the bulbs and they are fine if the bulbs were bad wouldn't a light show up on the dash. I wondering abouth the switch under the shift gear does anyone know how hard it is to replace it thanks
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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