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...after installing a rebuilt power steering pump and a new (due to my "mechanic" friend's eneptness with MB's) pulley.
What should have been a couple hour project ended up having the car out of commission for almost a week!. Taking the old pump of and installing the rebuilt one was about 30 minutes each. Flushing the pump and the steering gear and lines took about 45 minutes tops. What took so long was getting a new pulley after the original one was ruined.

All this happened on the weekend and all the Junk yards were closed. So I called So Cal Mercedes Parts first thing Monday morning. Pete returned my call and said they had one, but that it would not ship until Tuesday due to the late hr and stack of orders before mine. Pete did get it out on Tuesday. I got the pulley this morning and a short time later Sweet Abigail was again on the road.

Good thing too. I was beginning to have MB withdrawals.

I cannot talk highly enough of Pete and the crew at So Cal Mercedes parts, they have always gotten me my parts FAST and most of the time, the next day.
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