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so my baby turned 100 last nite and i want to publicly congratulate her!!

and by baby, im referring my mercedes. and by 100, i meant 100,000 miles. lol!

yes, its alot for an 06, but i work in real estate, so its common for me to drive 75-100 miles in a day.

of course she will be getting some b-day gifts:

new tires
will get rims checked for any warping and redone if need be
new brake job - rotors included
serpentine belt
engine pulleys
all four control arms (bushings are bad)
anti roll bar bushings
an alignment

and service B done. complete with engine, tranny and differential flush.

oh, yes, and the camshaft sensor solenoids (yes, she gave me the CEL 2 weeks ago. im really really hoping is not something worse like the balancer shaft issues that seems to plague the m272 engines)

if there is anything else that should be included in my birthday list feel free to comment!

for now, its party time!! i look forward to celebrating her 200th birthday!! woot!

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Congrats, you will have the grill badge in no time!
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