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My 560's front end is tooo stiff

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Before this 560 SEL, I drove a Lincoln Continental for 4 years. I like that soft floating suspension over what are on my MB.

I read about there are comfort Bilsteins. Any one here has experiences with both the HD and comfort Bilsteins? Is the comfort shock that much soft? How could I tell what is on my MB now? I could handle minor things like R & R fuel accumulator, rear SLS accumulator and T-stat. Is replacing a set of front shocks within my ability? Do I have to deal with the spring?

Many thanks.
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Hi NewMBie

I recently put new Bilstein Comfort for my front end. They told me that if you put Bilstein Heavy Duty, you will feel the road. But even with the Comfort shock, I feel every pothole in the road. Some of my friends riding the car, were disappointed that this huge Mercedes was not giving them a smooth ride. They said even a five old Saturn gives a much smoother ride. I don't know what is wrong with the car. So changing it to Bilstein Comfort will not help. Don't waste your money on it. Look for other things. There may be something else wrong.


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