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My 560's front end is tooo stiff

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Before this 560 SEL, I drove a Lincoln Continental for 4 years. I like that soft floating suspension over what are on my MB.

I read about there are comfort Bilsteins. Any one here has experiences with both the HD and comfort Bilsteins? Is the comfort shock that much soft? How could I tell what is on my MB now? I could handle minor things like R & R fuel accumulator, rear SLS accumulator and T-stat. Is replacing a set of front shocks within my ability? Do I have to deal with the spring?

Many thanks.
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I doubt it's the shocks that is causing the hard ride. Worn shocks normally give a soft wallowy ride.

Replacing front shocks is pretty straight forward though, no need to remove the springs. The W126 comes with the comfort shock as standard, going to the HD will stiffen the ride somewhat.

Your hard ride is most likely caused by all the bushes and ball joints in the front end being old and tired.

At some point you just need to bite the bullet and do a complete front end rebuild.

Even though everything seems okay after 14 years and 100k miles the bushes will be hard and ready for replacement.

1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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