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My 560's front end is tooo stiff

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Before this 560 SEL, I drove a Lincoln Continental for 4 years. I like that soft floating suspension over what are on my MB.

I read about there are comfort Bilsteins. Any one here has experiences with both the HD and comfort Bilsteins? Is the comfort shock that much soft? How could I tell what is on my MB now? I could handle minor things like R & R fuel accumulator, rear SLS accumulator and T-stat. Is replacing a set of front shocks within my ability? Do I have to deal with the spring?

Many thanks.
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You're the first person I have Ever heard call an MB's stock ride to stiff!! These things lean like boats when sprung w/ stock springs and tired shocks.

I've got a set of Blasted bilsteins, they're so soft I can compress them Easily w/ one hand..[xx(]

Funny, my 91 SEC w/ 17's and Bilsein HD's has recieved quite a few comments as to how smooth and comfortable it is to ride in. And no, they weren't from 16 year old teenagers either[;)]

1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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