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My 560's front end is tooo stiff

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Before this 560 SEL, I drove a Lincoln Continental for 4 years. I like that soft floating suspension over what are on my MB.

I read about there are comfort Bilsteins. Any one here has experiences with both the HD and comfort Bilsteins? Is the comfort shock that much soft? How could I tell what is on my MB now? I could handle minor things like R & R fuel accumulator, rear SLS accumulator and T-stat. Is replacing a set of front shocks within my ability? Do I have to deal with the spring?

Many thanks.
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o.k. May be my front shocks have worn out. How to check that? When I push down on teh front , it just bounces back up once, indicating a working shock.

With about 32 psi of pressure, I could feel a bump just riding over a pensil. If I ever get on an old raod, everything in the car rattles from the bump.

Another part of my original question is whether it is aneasy diyable job to replace the front shocks. Those who has done these before, please give me some tip.

Changing gear a bit. My D is 15 and she has expressed no desire to learn to drive yet. Since both our cars are on the old side (99 Buick), we may get a new vechile for the family. Last time I checked, we only have $53,000 in our checking accounts so the best we could do is putting $3000 down to get her what she wants at her 16th BD and let her find a job to take over the payment.
Thank you for a straight answer, mattman.

Could the bushes be bad if I don't get any noise from the front at all. Also, mine has only 106000 miles. At relatively high speed, the car rides very well. It is at ~ 15 - 30 miles/hour range that I feel most of bumps.
Just to give everyone an update. The main reason I had those problem was tire pressure. That guy who charged me $7 per tire (for everything including balance) put over 40 Psi on all 4 tires.

In any case, I have set the front to 30 and back to 33. The front is riding much better now with the new Kumho tires. The back is still not quite what I like.

Question to the board, the old tires on my car are very old Michelin (the car was not driven for two years when I got it). Could the tires become stiff as they become old?
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