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1990 300SEL
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Just wanted to post something about one of my 300 sel's longstanding issues and how it finally got resolved.

It started with a noise (I know, they all do). Kind of a crunching sound when accelerating and when the engine is under a lot of load. First I thought it was the flex disks, so i had them replaced...noise didn't go away. Then the motor mounts were wore out and had them replaced. This fixed the problem for a little while. I kept thinking maybe it's a fuel thing, and the engine is missing because of fuel injectors (never had that checked out). I just lived with it and kept buying fuel injector cleaner, until I noticed exhaust smell.

I had the exhaust checked out and the factory muffler and resonator were shot. Not having the money for OEM, the muffler guy offered to fab a new system with generic parts from the cat all the way to the back. During the inspection we noticed that the down pipe from the manifold was hitting the top of the steering linkage and also a frame crossmember. THIS was the source of the noise! under load the engine would torque and the down pipe would transfer the engine vibration into the front suspension and frame and make the weird noise.

I urged the mechanic to see if he could fix it and this is what he did.

He cut a main bracket holding the exhaust, wedged a large nut between the exhaust pipe and the crossmember it was htting to hold up the pipe. Then he re-welded the bracket to hold the pipe in place. It worked, no more noise or vibration. 260 to fab the new exhaust, no charge for the bracket adjustment and he threw in a chrome tip. I tipped him twenty bucks.

I have another somewhat related story about my front suspension/alignment/vibration issues for a later date. Hope this helps someone who might have the same conundrum.
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