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My 300D has been sitting for about 6 years

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I just recently became the lucky owner of a 1984 300D. Its a 4 door, vinyl interior, light blue exterior, and it is a turbo. It was my father's and he has not touched it since the driver side trailing arm cracked in 2006ish. ( I have not actually crawled under the car to make sure that is what broke, but the rear driver side wheel is touching the inside of the wheel well at the top) What I'm interested in knowing is, if all of you more experienced w123 owners believe it is worth getting back on the road? Do you think I am going to run into a lot more rust/suspension issues because of how long its been sitting? I'm not too familiar with these cars or diesel engines, but from what I understand, the motor should have plenty of life left, its at 95k. But I also gather that it is difficult to come across a trailing arm. So if I was to start repairing the car, what would you guys recommend I replace before trying to start it up? I don't want to damage anything by cranking it. -Let me know what you guys think.
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Take out the glow plugs and put in Marvel Mystery Oil and turn the engine by hand with a socket and ratchet and free piston rings. Drain all the diesel, add fresh diesel. Replace all the fuel filters. Adjust valves, change oil and put in a new battery! That's what I did to revive my 84 300D. Also, yes it should have plenty of life left at 95K. Half what my 84 had at the time!
Thanks a lot, do I need any special tools for the valve adjustment?

Also, anyone have any suggestions on what to do about my slightly moldy interior? Its vinyl or whatever the fake leather was made out of.
If I had better health I'd bring you my valve adjustment wrenches and help you bring this old bird back to life... BUT that's another story. These cars incredibly easy to DIY. You can make your own valve adjustment wrenches like these. Just don't use good ones. :p
Pictorial - Make valve adjustment wrenches - PeachParts Mercedes ShopForum
No problem. Just get long handles for sure, it makes things so much easier. Also, the trailing arm. You can find them used. Either at the Pick-N-Pull, eBay etc. Oh yeah and definitely check for rust. I just missed that. Lift the drivers side carpet, passenger side carpet (it unclips) and check the pans to make sure they're solid. Check rockers, jack points. Sometimes the factory undercoating peels and water can get underneath and pools there and rots it away. Sometimes structural. Also check car-part . com for used parts. They have plenty of cars on there being parted. These cars are real bears when they run. I had a 80 240D with over 330,000 miles and it started in PA winter cold weather at the turn of the key every time after it glowed.
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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