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Hello. My name is Jacob and I am from Norway.
My car is a 1994 S124 E220
Things that ive done to the car:
-18 AMG Monoblock 8.5 and 9.5 (started with 8.5 all the way)
-17 5-spokes AMG to wintertyres
-E500 headlamps with 4300k xenon
-New taillights
-Some chrome details around the interior
-Led bulbs inside the car
-Us marking lights
-New license
-Sportline leatherinterior
-Vogtland loweringsprings cuted one round.
-New steering wheel
-AMG Gen II frontbumper

Further plans:
-Change the front fenders
-Change the driver door(big bend on it) :(

Will post some pictures from when I bought it to how it looks today.

After polish:


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2x10 Kicker Comp

Mounted backing camera

New steering wheel(last one was teared apart on the top)

Some pics with the new AMG II frontbumper:

And some pictures of it now after I chaged to wintertyres:

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