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I will start by saying - you don't get more of a n00bish question than this so forgive me:

I recently put two pioneer 12"s in a ported box with a 1200w dual channel amp in the trunk. Not my ideal setup - but the price was right. (In hindsight, with the kind of music I listen to, I should have probably gotten two 10"s instead but I digress.)

I can't really turn this up too loud because it feels like my cabin is going to explode.


I was able to diagnose some of the rattling coming from the medi-kit and adjust that, but I feel like at a certain volume it comes from everywhere as the vibrations go to the roof and it feels like everything is shaking a bit much.

Would dynamat fix this problem but still allow me to hear/feel the bass stongly?

Basically I'm just trying to get a clean strong sound.

Once again - sorry if this sounds like "hey what kind of stock can I buy that isn't volatile but will make me a bunch of money?" - I understand most of the art in car audio is achieving this but any suggestions to this noob will be appreciated :)

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