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Got the car new in June.

1. HVAC actuator that sits on heating unit died. Dealer had to call Germany on this one. Pulled dash and replaced heating unit.
2. Air suspension dies twice
3. Transmission fluid leak
4. Parking brake came off in my hand!!! Needed to be towed to dealer.
5. Parktronic died 3x
6. Faulty passenger seat belt sensor
7. Drive dynamic seats have a mind of their own when off! (could not fix this one)
8. 6 disc can't remember where it was when turned off, then on

12 trips to dealer and 27 days for service in first 7 mo.

Asked MBUSA to do a trade buyback and they agreed no problem. The dealer and MBUSA in my case were first class. New car to arrive soon, Hoping for better luck than the first
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