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Musikmann or someone please run a car history check for me please

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I went to the dealer and he had a about 6 sheets full of repairs on my ML from the first owner (WOW). I asked for a copy but he wanted $90 even after I had just spent $1,200 on repairs. I really would like to know what the history of the truck is, can some one please help... Thanks in advance guys.
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From Musikmann


Please also see the PM.

That was not me who did that for someone else. I guess I was lucky to find the dealer who sold my car new, and had done all of the A and B services for the first 50,000 miles. I was pretty sure where the car came from because it still had the front plate with their name on it. I was also lucky because I did not have that info until after I bought the car from another dealer.

That 1st dealer gave me a printout for free of all warranty work and also everything the customer paid for. (for Mercbear - this car had deer whistles at some point!)

$90 is outrageous for a few pages of text, and I hope you find a solution.

Mercbear said:
Holy Crap!! Deer Whisltes?!?! HAHAHA! Not the typical mod we read about here, huh?
LMAO, yeah, I thought that was pretty hilarious too. They had been removed before I bought it and as far as I know, luckily their presence did not leave any scars on the car. The only reason I knew they had been there at all was from that "complete" service history I got from Astorg up in Parkerburg.

Sorry to hijack DETANE's thread ;)
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