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Well, I had this idea over on the 126 forum and it seemed to bring a lot of great music, so I will start us off with arguably my all time favourite recording of this:-

Then will you please show us what we should drive our 140's and M120's to... as we ground fly across cities, counties and continents...


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LoL Richard we got the same sort of mind here . >> << .

You need a good sound system to enjoy these or this kind of musik ,one of my home systems has about 20 speakers with full cinematic sound experience
subs/amp's/side/back/high/low speakers etc ,i cant lift the volume to high because i'm sure the windows will shutter for sure or the rooftiles will fall .
Ad these into your 140 Richard & relax ,i have them all & they do sound great on the Bose" system & not on a small PC speakers ,if you dont mind a little italian ,here just some of them, unfortunately i don't like the music of today .:thumbsup:

Listen to each song at least a minute ,they start slow except for Santana ,1st one .

My Favourite song or one of .>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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