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so i'm gonna black out the whole car at some point.

I did the grill myself. you need a scotch bright pad, Prep-All, Self Etching Primer, and black trim paint.

I did the same thing to my last car (audi A4) and it lasted for over a year until i sold it. For all i know it's still holding up.

I also put the H&R springs up front with 8mm shims. I haven't touched the rear yet. I have all the bushings so i'll have to tear it apart at some point, but oddly the car is level. I assume the rear hydraulic assist system is either blown, or has been set to it's lowest setting. Can someone tell me where the adjustment is made for the hydraulic system?

Anywho. 20's on the way.


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YEa, but tying to match the gloss of the paint with a different gloss on the grill (different material as well) gets a little weird. I'd have to strip the chrome off at the very least. It looks pretty good in person imo. Makes sense because it's a trim piece and not a body panel...

The kit came with the car. So did a big goofy rear trunk lip wing thing. I took it off. Prolly sell it on here if anyone is interested in something like that. Too big for my taste.
ya, clear corners are absolutely coming in the future. I ordered some smoked tails. I hope they look ok. Right now the car has mismatched tail lights. One is new, and one is pink (because it's old i guess).

The corners of the front bumper are empty. I assume it was made for fog lights. I'll check into what it would take to fit the coupe lights down there.
can anyone point me in the direction of the adjustment for the rear hydraulic suspension?
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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