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Multi-viscousity vs. single-viscousity motor oil?

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Hello everyone,

From a usage standpoint, which is the better oil to use? What are the benefits/drawbacks of either type?

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Multi vis will protect the engine over a wider range of temperature extremes. They also tend to have a more comprehensive additive package. Because they are designed to flow well in a wide temperature range, however, if not properly formulated, a multi vis may break down and not protect the engine well under extreme high temperatures.

A single vis will not have this problem but it can only be used in a narrow temperature range. They may not have a comprehensive additive package and thus may not conform to the most recent API or European standard for a given make and year.

Because neither is ‘perfect,’ many opt for synthetic, which will remain stable and can be used year round.

Since temperatures below freezing are rare on the Arabian Peninsula, my recommendation for your car is 20w 50 (multi vis) or synthetic.
Thank you.
That's the exact grade range I use: Castrol GTX 20W-50.
What synthetic type do you recommend?

u should use single viscosity oil but a different type for every season. multi viscosity oil have a lot of synthetic material that make it adapt to the current temperatur. u want more lubrication in the oil than the synthetic material.
Six_wheeler - 2/24/2005 4:59 PM

What synthetic type do you recommend?
The same as MB: Mobil 1
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