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One of the worst bits of design apart from the auto box ever!
I lost the dip beam and the indicators were a bit iffy too, so I had a look at Lofty's pages and found the problem and how to 'fix' it. so off with the airbag, steering wheel and watch spring. Three small screws (all same?) and I had the offending thing in my hand in half an hour. The plastic above the main pivot pin is about 0.5mm, way to thin for the job on the most manually used part in the car and why? There is al least 3mm clear for more meat on it!
The 'fix' suggested on Lofty's pages was not good, very fiddly and liable to break again, so I scratched my thinning hair and came up with plane B, took about 20 minuets to make and fit and is so solid, don't know why they didn't do it in the first place.
Just need two strips of steel about 15mm by 5mm by 1.5mm thick,
Drill hole in one end to fit roll pin from stalk and bend the other end about 1mm from the end to make a 90 degree 'hook'. repeat for part two. (Shape the holed end to a smooth radii if you want but not needed)
Place the roll pin removed from the stalk in the broken holes so it pokes out enough to sit the plate on. heat up a soldering iron and apply it to the strip until it melts into the housing untill flush with housing, (smooth melted plastic over plate or remove, up to you). Repeat the other side. When COLD, clean up and make sure there are no intrusions into the housing, reassemble, SOLID!
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