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Muffler Hangers

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Are the donut hangers a replacement for the 'closed H' shaped hangers? Also, are the ones that go on the rear of the muffler bigger than those at the front?

I changed the rear muffler on my 300TD Turbo yesterday and I only had 2 of the original hangers, so I used them on the front of the muffler. It didn't look like they were going to work on the rear of the muffler. They looked too short.

If I were to use the same one's on both ends, it looks like the tailpipe would hit the bumper.
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All four are the same. Originals were an open holed donut. Replacements are the H shaped ones. Takes some effort to get them on sometimes.

Where might I find the H ones, short of the dealer? All I've found are donuts.
I'll say the dealer. The H one, I think are better than the O ones. It's like 2 - 4 dollars a piece.
Try them:

This made me realize I should have gotten a set of these when I ordered parts from Rusty for our Corolla. How many donut rings do we need for the W123 turbodiesel?

And what's the difference between hard and soft ones?

I noticed mine are already dried. TY
And what's the difference between hard and soft ones?
I think it's a mood thing...

Might check House of Imports for now, they might be selling those for cheap (crossing my fingers)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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