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MP4 / MP3 Player install

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Hi guys,

I just got a MP4 / MP3 Player. My job just got a bunch of them to give to cutomers.. NEways. I was trying to see if i could adapt it to play over the speakers in my car. do you guys know if our stereos have input pins in the back where all those wires are? Also, where is the best place to get some juce for the player? I think i will keep the player right under the stereo.

thank you in advance for your input.
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Hello guy, i think i got a solution... I went to radio shack and got a FM modulator for 19.99, i was able to steal power from the wires going into the cig. lighter. Works like a charm. The screen is exactly the same height as the small conpartiment under ther stereo and it looks great wen playing video clips. now my next project is to hook up one of those wireless mini cameras to the back of my car and rig it so i can have a clear view of stuff right behing my bumper.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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