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Do a search on Transport Canada. That's the federal government agency that controls the importation of automobiles to Canada. There should be links to the actual regulations and a list of eligible cars (or you could email them for the latter).<p>One thing to be concerned about is the bumpers, as Canada still has an 8 km/h (5 MPH) bumper standard, which the USA abandoned in the late 1980s. For example, the W203 bumpers are reinforced on the Canadian market cars compared to the US ones. This may have been true for the previous generation C too. Retrofitting bumpers could be costly.<p>Then check out the transportation agency of the province in which you'll be living to see if they have any requirements for car licensing and registration. Most provinces will require a mechanical inspection. Your emissions control systems will be superior to contemporary Canadian ones so that won't be a worry.<p>Good luck.<br>
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