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Mouse troubles in 2004 c230k coupe

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I have a 2004 c230k I picked up it was sat in a field for extended period of time I had some electrical problems but all related to rear sam replaced and inspected old unit and defective for sure due to the amount of corrosion removed the battery today to charge to recheck electrical and found a mouse nest with a bit of wires so I know I have further electrical issues to tackle I was wondering does anyone know what blue/black trace and brown/green trace belong to or have wiring diagram for a 2004 c230k coupe appreciate any help
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this is my third old mercedes and I expected some electrical issues but never expected this 馃槨
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The mouse had dragged it out from behind the dash is my thoughts but not really sure found behind battery under air filter with some insulation from in the dash found three ground wires eaten as well today(the ones on the passengers side near door under dash) and rewired I have lights and locks truck and fuel gauge all working now but heat, srs and cigarette lighter and what ever other things I haven't noticed yet still aren't working going to dig some more tomorrow really need the wire diagram with color codes to identify the wires by color appreciate the help I'm going to check out that website now
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