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Mounting a console box

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I'm sure this has been covered before but the answer seems to be hiding somewhere in the archives. Anyway, Im finally getting around to mounting a console box from a later model 124 into my '87 and before I start drilling the two screw holes into the console, does anyone know if there are any wires or likewise damagable items likely to be hidden under the console? The car is factory stock except for an aftermarket cell phone and that cabling was run along the door sills.
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Ya get out of the gutter there.

Now to the question the screws go in at an angle and there shouldnt be anything in the way. If youre worried take about 6 more screws out lift the back of the console up and look under it youll see. The shift wood area is a little bit different size so I am not sure if the cubby area is the right size but if if is your good to go.
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