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I want to share a scam I almost fell for today with you.

I received several letters from a company calling themselves Motor Vehicle Services. They started off by sending letters that looked like an official letter from Mercedes telling me that my factory warranty had expired over the last few months. When I finally got around to calling them today they were trying to sell me an outragious policy to extend my car warranty. I was still interested because I value coverage but when I said that I wanted to speak this over with my husband they exclaimed that if I didn to buy now the price would go up $900 the next call. That right there told me they were a scam and I hung up.

I then searched online for another company still believing i had no coverage when I decided to call my dealership at Smythe European who told me I was still covered for one more year. I had initially purchased 100,000 or 7 year policy. Beware if anyone sends you letters in the mail with official looking letterhead from Mercedes claiming that they are your dealership. The call back number seems to change constantly too according to a news article I found online:
Extended Warranty Scam Targets Car Buyers | U.S. News Best Cars
Be aware of this company!!! the call back number they used today was:
They are a rip off!!!
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