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Mother's brand

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Are any of the products from the Mother's brand good. People say that meguiars is the way to go! Is their something wrong with mothers brand that I don't know about.

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Need to try out Optimun. I am a big meguiars fan, but I rather take 15 minutes to wax my car than 3 hours.
Ok, there are too many different waxes, which Mothers offers. I have the three-step system from Mother's Classic line. Is their anything else to work hand-in-hand with this product? I was also thinking of claying it before I wax. Sorry I have no experience with this type of stuff. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME. I want to get a good shine on my black ML. There are just so many waxes from mothers and I kind of get discourage when going through their catalogue.

Any suggestions would be extremely appreciated!!


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Claying will change your whole concept & feel for detailing. So its a must. Check out all forums on claying. Followup with paint cleaner...than polish...than wax. I have been using Meguaires 3 steps...recently moved to synthetic NXT. Was thinking of Klasse AIO as it seems to be time's your call. Mother's is not bad, P21S for carnuba wax is good. I stayed away from Zaino as it looked a more laborious process...but people swear by it as well. I keep experimenting trying to find " the " solution. The top brands are all pretty good. Depends on how much time you want to spend each week. From the pics. it appears an initial investment of a whole weekend..for on the horizon.

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