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most expensive repair?

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Outside of engine or transmnission, what are most expensive repairs? I replaced A/C, which was > $2k.
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It is silly not to DIY on these cars because you will pay through the nose. I'd never own one of these if I could not wrench on one. It better to throw your money into home, but not a silly car, maybe a Ferrari where it appreciates over time better than a W140.

I just came from pick-your-part in Southern California, and witnessed a person pay 300 bucks of a M120 engine(V12) with transmission. What a shame of a car of over $100k just 15 years ago.

Basically, You will go broke if do not wrench on these W140's. Do not get one if you do not plan on working one. They are just too expensive!!

1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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