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More Rough idle issues

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Still having rough idle issues. 700rpm in gear smooths out a little in neutral.Runs great going down the road no stumble on acceleration.I saw a post where someone recomended pulling the screens out of the fuel distributor unit with a wood screw to check them???????? I have never messed with the injection before. I have a lot of experience with marine diesels and would typicly suspect a bad injector. Since they are continous spray can they be removed and soaked in MEK or something? What are the air lines going to the injectors for? are they vacuum or pressure for atomization of the fuel?
I saw one psot where soneone checking for leaks with carb cleaner said it meltes the o rings in the injectors.
PS I have a post on the timing chain that has what I've already done.The problem existed before all the work.