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More on the big pulley from ASP

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I think that I have read about every post in this forum regarding big pulleys. I appreciate all of the information that Buellwinkle and Linh have shared. I still have a couple of questions; the #1 question being: How was the size of ASP's pulley decided upon?

I believe that I read somewhere that the ASP pulley is 15% overdrive. If I'm correct on this figure, why not 12%, 18%, or even 20% over? Were there any trials done with other sizes?

Any engine studies done that showed a size to be too big?

Any boost pressure data, before and after the pulley? (I saw that Deathy posted that the new pulley should give a 4 pound increase in boost, but that's the only reference to pressure I've found.)

I almost stopped by ASP Racing today to see if someone in-house could answer these questions, but then decided it may be best to post here first and see what response I get.
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TXmudman - 3/1/2005 10:06 PM

What do you think about those people who are spraying nitrous through the intercooler in the way that you are using aquamist? Do you think that evaporating nitrous really can cool down the intercooler effectively?
First off spraying Nitrous on the intercooler is very different than using Aquamist. Aquamist injects a fine jet/mist of water into the engine to cool combustion charge and to effectivly raise the octane rating of the fuel being used. You can create very detailed mapping with the right options.

Second, Nitrous is very cold as it expands leaving the compressed bottle and is very effective in cooling the intake charge in the intercooler. Not sure if it is worth it in our cars. But if you are turbocharged and running high boost it can make a big difference.
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