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More on the big pulley from ASP

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I think that I have read about every post in this forum regarding big pulleys. I appreciate all of the information that Buellwinkle and Linh have shared. I still have a couple of questions; the #1 question being: How was the size of ASP's pulley decided upon?

I believe that I read somewhere that the ASP pulley is 15% overdrive. If I'm correct on this figure, why not 12%, 18%, or even 20% over? Were there any trials done with other sizes?

Any engine studies done that showed a size to be too big?

Any boost pressure data, before and after the pulley? (I saw that Deathy posted that the new pulley should give a 4 pound increase in boost, but that's the only reference to pressure I've found.)

I almost stopped by ASP Racing today to see if someone in-house could answer these questions, but then decided it may be best to post here first and see what response I get.
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Did you try different tanks on the ends of the stock cooler? Bigger/smoother inlet/outlet will decrease flow restrictions many times and give a more effective cooler. Sometimes that gives good power with not as much expense.

Thanks for the info, Buellwinkle.

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