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More Interior Restoration! Help needed!

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Hello all! Now that I've gotten the engine taken care of, from spark plug to timing chain, and she purrs like a kitten, I think it's time I've started on the cosmetics and functioning of the interior.

Problem #1: The glove box won't close all the way. I hear it make the two snap sounds and catch, but I noticed that a bulb inside continued to burn while I was driving as I could see it through the cracks. Are there some screws that could be misaligned? If so, where would they be located? Also, and I just wanted to clarify, the bulb went out when I turn the steering lock all the way to off. Is that bulb SUPPOSED to stay on?

Problem #2: There are several minor-major cracks in the vinyl dashboard. Is there a good repair kit you could recommend, any guides to go along with them? I kinda want something... "professional" looking, so one of the best products out there. Then again, since this is just my personal cruiser, I wouldn't mind just a simple dash cover. Any good brands? How about those made out of leather or vinyl?

That's really all I need help with, but I might as well go on to tell you what I have in store!

Problem #3: Woodgrain is in terrible condition, but I suppose that that will have to wait for now until I can find some of what I need. If you've any for sale for an 83 (84) 500 SEL, name your price and maybe we can work something out. :) Oh, any type of woodgrain will work (burl, walnut, etc.)

Problem #4: Little black trim piece around the steering lock is missing, but I eventually found one after scouting around on Ebay for long enough.

Problem #5: Sunroof has a terrible squeak when closing AND when going over bumps in the road. Still haven't found out what that is. Any ideas?

Problem #6: Minor wear and tear items in the interior such as a rip in the leather on the door and a tiny, albeit nasty, gash in the left back support of the driver's seat. I figure that I can probably just stitch it up as far as the hole in the driver's seat goes, and I know a guy that can probably take care of the leather for me.

I look forward to it!
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Problem #6 - I know an interior guy (local to me) who can fix rips and tears in any leather, as long as all the material is still there. He essentially burns/glues it back together, blends the grain of the material as best as possible, and then re-dyes it. I'm sure it wouldn't be hard for you to track someone like that down in CA.
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