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more gifts

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got a strange gift from mercedes macclesfield this week its a full portrait session for me and my family at a value of £165 pounds not bad considering i have a free trackday at donnington in may with mercedes as well and only had the car 6 weeks [:)]
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I was surprised the other day to find a large box on my porch, delivered by UPS from Mercedes Benz. Inside I found a large Easter basket, containing 350 different kinds of chocolate candies, a Faberge egg (just a small one), a really curious electronic gizmo that seems to be a combination cell phone and electric shaver -- could turn out to be quite efficient except that the buzzing sound makes it hard to hear calls coming in -- and an even dozen live bunnies in exactly the color of my SLK350's interior.

I'm really enjoying having this car, and I have to admit that I prefer MB's gifts to the ones that Volvo used to send me when the V70R was new. The nicest gift they ever sent me was a brick painted in the exact color of my car, suitable for putting on a shelf amid my other toys.

BMW gifts, though, when I had BMWs, had a very professional touch that I still have to admire. Large or small, they were always delivered by a very attractive young woman. Some of the women they use are expert in massage; others are excellent dancers. One was both. That was a great day.
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